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 8 errors and means of the Marxist socialism


  1. to think that the proletariado one was destined by history to obtain the society without classes, forgetting that the peasantry has not been always less revolutionary neither the less is operated in Capitalism and the feudalism.


  2. 2. The atheism. This it threw to multitude of operated at hands of capitalists not less atheists.


  3. 3. The concept Dictatorship of the proletariado one. Better democracy of workers than something that so many arguments it has given to our operating rivals of the man, wage-earning or no, by those who have means of production and distribution of the wealth generated by first.


  4. 4. To fortify the state with the idea later to destroy it. Easier it is not to construct what one is due to destroy and to go directly to communal advice, autogestionarias companies, small property without wage-earning nor possible operation. Taxes that the society collects to precipitate them as rain by means of investments and citizen participation there where are high-priority.


  1. 5. To think that the leaders must not be put under the criticized socialism and being like whatever criticizes deserves. A Communist or totally consequent Socialist must be put under the election of the town and not be in the power as much time as to be believed or to autoconsiderar themselves essential. A Socialist and a Communist cannot never make imputations knowing full well that are false. Stalin stopped being socialist from the moment in which it thought that the power belonged to him and to his followers and they hurried towards the new very many inquisición worse than the catholic. For them all were herejes that deserved the death. The example is the happened thing to Trotsky, Kamenev, Bujarín, Sinoviev.



  2. 6. The bet by the unique party is another strategic error. By something we have two ears, two legs, two arms, two eyes, twenty fingers, great number of grándulas gustativas and a sense of the tact that affects all the human body, for example. Two nasal graves, etc. In short, the senses are more than one to survive better in the life. If the society is a pluricellular organism, each individual a cell, must imitate the evolved alive beings more so that it evolves towards a better world and more just. On the inside of us we are communist and socialist.


  3. 7. Septimo error is the following one and affects all the ones that in theory speak much to distribute wealth and little to distribute to be able: For that reason I propose for all the socialist societies of the world a distribution of the power like the following one: Every two years each four are eligan the directions of the communal advice choose mayors and governors, each six the president. If one were a totally socialist society it would plead for the following thing: Possibility of appearing once to re-election, and never of being able to do it after two, four or six years to hold the position. Thus nobody could benefit from the power that it has to help itself in his re-election. That is to say, an elect one by two years only can choose to gain elections to the four years again. This democracy would do damage to him to Capitalism much more of which many imagine. And, of course, to the political corruption.


  4. 8. Another error to consider is that the deprived property of production means must be divided in two: the one that explode and the one that no. The one that no, it can be operated when commercializing his products, although never in the case of producing for if same a small agriculturist. It must be clear that there is another form of operating property that does not concern to production means, yes to those of distribution, which usually they are those that takes the cat to the water by producing negligence of the respect to their own interests and that cat to intermediaries and wholesalers take to it. The society is more complex of which some at first think.


  5. And means, are only a supposition: It will not be that the utópicos Socialists moved to the scientists of the leadership of world-wide the socialist movement? It will not be that we have been infiltrated by the idealists? What plus errors create you who committed yourselves as much strategically as of analysis to surpass specially to Capitalism and to the exploitatión?

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