Lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

It is the imperialistic ideology of yankis, are its 10000 atomic pumps, their invading armies and their lackeys coup participants, their chemical arms and bacteriological, their excessive ambition by the wealth. We go, sickly ludópatas like few. And usually they meet around which they call its elect president. In the apparent capitalist democracy the governors ignore the voters and govern for the interests of the high class or accept their orders by fear to a temper of the masters of the economy. Those that when in Spain gained the PSOE took the money to the foreigner and when it won the PP returned to Spain to make us think that the PP has a magical varita that fixes any economy. Added that, I will say that without all the economy it hides that it had to come to the light by euro, perhaps the economic growth with the PP had been insignificant. Throughout the history of Spain, without going more far, when the high class have not fallen asleep in the laurels? It said to Don Santiago Ramon and Cajal whom in Spain all the town had done it, not it nobility nor the bourgeoisie that was elbowed with her. In the opened veins of Latin America Galeano more it leaves it clear.


And some that criticize the crimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol post, bless those of the United States and Israel.

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