Lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

The superior pluricellular organisms: whales, dolphins, sharks, primates, are the test of the triumph of the cellular Comunism. All the cells collaborate with the general well-being, making the diverse functions that the life imposes by means of the DNA and intelligence to them, by means of certain hormones that estímulan the development or limit it. All receives what they need and contributes the necessary thing to the rest of organism, also enjoy decentralization at cellular level, has sectors public, case of the Heart, the stomach, lung, etc. The clearest test of the triumph of the socialism, Comunism, is the pluricellular life.


To is to them much absurd my previous text, but the absurd ones usually become the guide of the future generations. In an organism as the one of "a human" being the cells live in community and her they develop his life before dying and being replaced by others. In the human society he lives himself in community but the capitalists have poisoned it clearing the gene to him of the control of the growth and inoculating the one to him of the avarice. Their members usually compete and not to collaborate in the communal property and the basic necessities are not covered either the same nor to be award the efforts of equal way, even puts the utility of the public at issue so that some make their great business: to become rich with the work of others or the health. If the pluricellular life, more evolved than the unicellular one, takes million years on the Earth, how much will last the society that defends Capitalism and his to grow, to grow, to grow, turning to the life in death or inert matter and consumer goods? By the way, the consumer goods are vital in the capitalist chain of commerce, because from them the accumulations come that benefit to the possessors of means of production in great amount or commercialization. For that reason many of those personages foment our addiction to all type of products and the creation of artificial necessities, when not of diseases. Who do not abduce they do not come from another planet nor they are of another species. If in cellular community it has been arrived until the whale, to where would arrive the humanity although it went imitating something to the internal life of the superior animals? Creating institutions that were looked like the genetic code, that is to say, information to construct one more a balanced society or to the most important organs of these animals, of the same man. Brain and nervous system in general, circulatory heart or system, muscles, eyes, ear, legs and hands, spine, etc. If the animals have developed them by necessity, the human society does not have to scorn so great contributions to the life. Perhaps in our own interior and our own evolution is the secret of a better society and opportunities for all, and with no need of no social cancer that loading to the planet by lack of the suitable gene that controls the growth of the population and the economy. More conscience and less adulterated science or religiosity. More reality and objectivity and less superstitions or prejudices. Judge with prejudice, condemns safe.

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